Aqua Systems liquid chilling evaporators are suitable for a wide range of applications and are available with copper or 90/10 cupro nickel water tubes.

For air conditioning chillers they are a compact and efficient chiller with approach temperatures from 1K between the refrigerant evaporating temperature and the leaving chilled fluid.

For the food processing and fruit and vegetable growing market where immersed chilling of the product is required in a fresh water tank or conveyor, the Aqua Systems chillers can maintain water baths or tanks at a temperature between 0.5 and 1.5°C (33 - 34 °F).

For fishing boat refrigeration sea water can be refrigerated to -2 to -2.5°C (28.3 to 27.5°F) with ice slurry foaming in the tanks.

The Aqua Systems is the only direct expansion liquid chilling evaporator currently available that can continuously chill water to the point of latent change.

Applications such as process coolers where water temperatures are to be maintained at higher temperatures and wider approach temperatures are experienced the Aqua Systems evaporators are ideal with their compact size.

Liquid chilling evaporators can be supplied as a bare OEM component or as fully insulated assemblies complete with water and refrigerant manifolds and liquid refrigerant distributors fitted to suit the application.


LTLC Series Data Sheet
LTLC FS Series Data Sheet
S-CN-LTLC-FS Installation Instructions
PCB-182 Flow Switch Module


Aqua Systems liquid chilling evaporator with mini flow switch

Aqua Systems water cooled condenser

Combination liquid chiller & condenser assembly for water cooled vegetable application. The fresh water is chilled to 33°F. Nominal capacity 60TR, Refrig R134A.


Aqua Systems Model S-6TV/2LC Air Conditioning Chiller for Water at 40°F


70TR Fresh Water Chiller to Chill Water to 33°F.